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Asbestos Testing Calgary

Process for Asbestos Testing, Calgary

Asbestos Inspection


Building Evaluation

  • Our in-depth evaluation process typically provides a clear indication of any asbestos or toxic problems a building may be experiencing. We may examine both interior and exterior areas in our evaluation.

Investigation / Condition Assessment

  • Our teams may take wall moisture readings and conduct air quality tests to provide greater insight into the severity of the problem.

To schedule Calgary asbestos testing call: (403) 249-0610


Our Mission

To provide our clients with high levels of expertise and service, resulting in a sense of comfort and security with the knowledge that their buildings will perform to their expectations.


Our Vision

  • To do the right thing in every situation
  • To do work that we can be proud of
  • To be a great place to work
  • To be the best in our field