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Mold Squad



Our experts at Mold Squad specialize in the inspection, testing and removal of mold and related biological hazards in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. We provide an integrated solution for any building envelope and guarantee a return of indoor air quality to healthy levels.

Call Mold Squad if you notice any of the following signs of mold within your building:

  • Discoloration or staining on indoor walls, floors, ceilings, carpets, wood or other indoor surfaces
  • "Cupping" or lifting of hardwood flooring
  • One or more people with symptoms such as sinusitis, respiratory ailments, allergies, asthma, rashes, headaches, burning eyes or general malaise
  • Sick pets
  • Musty odors or chemical odors
  • Discoloration or staining on outdoor stucco, vinyl siding or wood siding
  • Staining on outdoor concrete

If you have had health symptoms, flooding or leaks, schedule a consultation with Mold Squad to determine what may be contaminating your environment. Talk to one of our mold removal contractors today: (403) 249-0610

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Our Mission

To provide our clients with high levels of expertise and service, resulting in a sense of comfort and security with the knowledge that their buildings will perform to their expectations.


Our Vision

  • To do the right thing in every situation
  • To do work that we can be proud of
  • To be a great place to work
  • To be the best in our field



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Mold Squad

2732 5th Ave NE

Calgary, AB T2A 4V4

Tel: (403) 249-0610

Fax: (403) 248-6263


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