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Mold Removal Reviews


"I cannot emphasize enough how professional and competent Mold Squad was in remediating the mold damage to my home. For the first time in years my home is now mold free – I am 100% satisfied with the job they did. Mold Squad was able to accurately assess and delineate the mold impact to my home before initiating remediation thereby ensuring a focused and cost-effective result. Their "get the job done" attitude was refreshing and gave me considerable piece of mind. I would highly recommend Mold Squad to anyone who suspects or knows they have mold in their home."

Paul Mosher


"I was introduced to Mold Squad by a respected air testing professional who indicated they were the only company in Calgary capable of remediating the mold that had infiltrated our home. Mold Squad started work on our project only days after receiving our approval to proceed, and we never looked back! Our decision to use Mold Squad was the most important one we made in returning the air quality in our home to healthy levels - we were very happy with the result. While remediating the mold impact to our home they kept us informed at all times, explained their process and the associated costs and answered all of our questions. Based on our experience there is no question that Mold Squad delivers. I would hire them again in a minute and would recommend Mold Squad to anyone in a similar situation."

Clint Stewart


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